Who we are

SALDO Financial Consulting and Informatics Zrt. (Private Company Limited by Shares, trade registry number: 01-10-042131) is a 100 % Hungarian-owned company with over 55 years of history. Our mission is to provide unique and reliable background in the constantly changing world of tax law and not to leave anybody alone with fiscal problems. We make high level legal certainty and legal assistance in taxation matters available and affordable to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

We are proud to offer our clients an exceptional service in Hungarian within the framework of the complex flat-rate finance and economics consultancy. Our clients can take assistance on telephone (every working day during working hours) or in writing of the following consultancy services:

  • taxation
  • accountancy
  • labour affairs
  • internal audit
  • social security
  • interpretation and application of fiscal legislation.

High professional standards and highest level of ethics are guaranteed by our certified tax experts and chartered accountants.

We are looking forward to assisting your business with our expertise and to welcoming you among our website’s returning visitors and our valued partners.

Dr. Akos Balogh
Chief Executive Officer

International Tax Consultancy

We assist our clients extending their business interests across international borders. We also regularly work with clients and counsel abroad to help foreign-based entities establish and run operations in Hungary.

Examples of what we advise on include:

  • personal tax consultancy services
  • cross border tax issues
  • tax consultancy for employers in Hungary
  • tax consultancy for non-resident and non-domiciled individuals and employees planning to work and live in Hungary
  • avoiding double taxation
  • tax compliance services
  • consultancy in setting up a company in Hungary and in the EU
  • preparing background materials for meetings with international partners


Value added tax has become one of the most complicated taxes, based on Hungarian and EU legislation for interpretation. We have the expertise to deliver practical solutions even in the most complex VAT issues.

Examples of what we advise on include:

  • registration and deregistration
  • VAT compliance
  • VAT process reviews
  • international VAT issues
  • assistance with VAT inspections
  • negotiations with NAV
  • intra-community supplies
  • place of supply of international services
  • consultancy in VAT reclaims


We are providing effective solutions reorganizing your payroll and HR administration processes, optimizing workflows, shaping internal HR policies and maintaining local compliance.

Examples of what we advise on include:

  • verification of payroll
  • tax and social security liabilities for employers employing non-resident individuals
  • revising the compliance of fringe benefits with fiscal laws

Labour law

We are offering you a comprehensive support in order to handle all employment-related problems and avoid any legal or financial damages.

Examples of what we advise on include:

  • employment in the EU
  • rights and rules for posted workers
  • analysis of internal regulations
  • effective monitoring of compliance with social and employment standards

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